The Best New Songs of the Week


We’re taking a trip down memory lane, well a little trip (Okay, we can see the start of the lane still but it’s still a trip) as we look back at the best new music from last week and give you a crash course on what you should’ve heard by now.

Connan Mockasin – ‘Charlotte’s Thong’   

Multi-instrumentalist Connan Mockasin has a brand new album on the way, Jassbusters, and with it comes the brand new track ‘Charlotte’s Thong’.

‘Charlotte’s Thong’ is a 9-minute wonder, offering a soft rock haze across a creative lyrical effort. Letting the gently blushing lead line meander through a doughy rhythm section, the track guides you safely to whatever destination you’re looking for. It’s a GPS system set to chill.

This song is truly a blessing for any day, let alone a grey one, take this and call us in the morning.

Kero Kero Bonito – ‘Make Believe’

The first new music to come from the band as Polyvinyl signees, see the band in an effervescent mood. ‘Make Believe’ is the band clearly stretching their legs as they gear up to capitalise on the wealth of hype that surrounds them, with the new James Haskins-directed video adding another dimension to their sound.

Lana Del Rey – ‘Venice Bitch’

This week saw Lana Del Rey move out of her pop-star shadow and instead move toward becoming a straight-up artist. Her new song is the most daring of her career.

Of course, the similarities with Lana’s other work is there for all to see. Laconic, finger-picked guitars, a knowingly self-serving drawl permeates her vocal while similar themes of inner-city life are explored – but with the added minutes on this track, she moves from pop-song to textural cult-classic.

Exploring themes of present and past this sound feels more natural and ‘in the now’ as Lana has ever been. The wall of gentle, buzzing sound floats across the top of the airwaves like an oil-slick on a rolling ocean perpetually coloured and always dancing, the image cuter than the content – it may linger but it will always melt away.

Marianne Faithfull feat. Nick Cave – ‘The Gypsie Faerie Queen’

‘The Gypsy Faerie Queen’ marks the second time Faithfull and Cave have collaborated following their work on 2014 song ‘Late Victorian Holocaust’.

Faithfull’s album Negative Capability will also include co-written by Mark Lanegan and inspired by the tragic Bataclan attack in Paris, it is titled ‘They Come at Night’.

For now though, here’s the song with Cave:

FIDLAR – ‘Too Real’  

FIDLAR continue to keep our tongues a-wagging with their releases. The brand new track ‘Too Real’ is another barnstorming effort from a band keen to punch their way to the top.

Like the previous two efforts from the upcoming album, it sees Zac Carper and the rest of the band nail their foot to the pedal and drop a ten-tonne weight to break all the bones as it powers through the floor.

Zac Carper says of the track: “‘Too Real’ was written during the election when everyone was fighting each other. The reality is that everyone fuckin’ sucks. Why can’t we all just get along/bong?”

Cat Power – ‘Stay’ (Rihanna Cover)

Sometimes the simplest way is the most wonderfully textured. Cat Power, AKA Chan Marshall, is easily one of the best in the business at listening, manipulating and delivering her own take on other people’s song. She has now lent her talent to the Rihanna song ‘Stay’.

The song, originally about a broken love between two equally dismantled people, is given the Power treatment and ground down to it’s deepest, darkest and heaviest moments. Offering a gentle piano alongside some devastatingly beautiful vocals, Power produces a work of re-creation that is so deeply affected and cultured that she makes the song her own.