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FIDLAR share the brand new belter 'Too Real'

FIDLAR continue to keep our tongues a-wagging with their releases. The brand new track ‘Too Real’ is another barnstorming effort from a band keen to punch their way to the top. It had to be our Track of the Day.

Following recent releases ‘Alcohol’ and ‘Are You High’ the Cali band have delivered another kick to the proverbial balls with their latest release ‘Too Real’.

Like the previous two efforts it sees Zac Carper and the rest of the band nail their foot to the pedal and drop a ten-tonne weight to break all the bones as it powers through the floor.

Zac Carper says of the track: “‘Too Real’ was written during the election when everyone was fighting each other. The reality is that everyone fuckin’ sucks. Why can’t we all just get along/bong?”

Now get a load of this track in your ears and get ready for the impending new album – which is likely to be their most ferocious yet.