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Cat Power expertly covers Rihanna's 'Stay'

Sometimes the simplest way is the most wonderfully textured. Cat Power, AKA Chan Marshall, is easily one of the best in the business at listening, manipulating and delivering her own take on other people’s song. She has now lent her talent to the Rihanna song ‘Stay’, which will feature on her upcoming album Wanderer, and it has to be our Track of the Day.

Cat Power has a wealth of cover songs already under her belt. She made Lou Reed sound positively angelic, she gave new meaning to Hank Williams and Bob Dylan and now she has added concrete to Rihanna’s ballad ‘Stay’.

The song, originally about a broken love between two equally dismantled people, is given the Power treatment and ground down to it’s deepest, darkest and heaviest moments. Offering a gentle piano alongside some devastatingly beautiful vocals, Power produces a work of re-creation that is so deeply affected and cultured that she makes the song her own.

Taking on Rihanna may seem a bit far-fetched for someone like Cat Power, who lives in a more cultured and curated place, but it actually speaks more clearly to Power’s status as a cultural figure in music than her previous covered efforts.

Cat Power is a pillar of the industry and her command of that very same industry should easily be a testament to that.