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Connan Mockasin shares 'Charlotte's Thong' a 9 minute wonder

Connan Mockasin recently shared the news that his third studio album Jassbusters was on the way and since then we’ve been getting very excited. Now the second track to be released from the album, ‘Charlotte’s Thong’, has got us by the earholes. It’s our Track of the Day.

The new album, Jassbusters, was recorded in just one week in Paris back in 2016 and is the first album that the multi-instrumentalist has recorded with a live band. Based on this newest release it’s allowed Connan to stretch his genre-breaking legs a little further.

‘Charlotte’s Thong’ is a 9-minute wonder, offering a soft rock haze across a creative lyrical effort. Letting the gently blushing lead line meander through a doughy rhythm section, the track guides you safely to whatever destination you’re looking for. It’s a GPS system set to chill.

This song is truly a blessing for any day, let alone a grey one, take this and call us in the morning.

Jassbusters is out on October 12 via Mexican Summer