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(Credit: Polydor)

Lana Del Rey takes a bold new step with 'Venice Bitch' her newest track

Lana Del Rey made a clear and bold statement for herself with her newest release ‘Venice Bitch’. That statement is clear, she’s no longer a pop star but a straight-up artist. Lana followed this new release up with some further news about the upcoming album epically titled Norman Fucking Rockwell.

‘Venice Bitch’ is the second single from the new album following ‘Mariners Apartment Complex’ and it’s her longest yet. At nearly 10 minutes it dwarfs most of her catalogue, but unlike the rest of her work, this song feels somewhere a little further afield than ever before.

Of course, the similarities with Lana’s other work is there for all to see. Laconic, finger-picked guitars, a knowingly self-serving drawl permeates her vocal while similar themes of inner-city life are explored – but with the added minutes on this track, she moves from pop-song to textural cult-classic.

Exploring themes of present and past this sound feels more natural and ‘in the now’ as Lana has ever been. The wall of gentle, buzzing sound floats across the top of the airwaves like an oil-slick on a rolling ocean perpetually coloured and always dancing, the image cuter than the content – it may linger but it will always melt away.

Lana Del Rey has stepped out of her own shadow.