Far Out Magazine: The Best New Songs of the Week


We’re taking a trip down memory lane, well a little trip (Okay, we can see the start of the lane still but it’s still a trip) as we look back at the best new music from last week and give you a crash course on what you should’ve heard by now.

Get a load of these gems.

Whenyoung – ‘Give Up’

Easy as it may seem to write an indie-pop banger, it’s actually a lot harder than it looks. But one group who seem to have that game in the palm of their hands is Whenyoung. Their new song ‘Given Up’ is a testament to that.

‘Given Up’ may have all the nuances you’d expect from a band heavily influenced by the late 90’s indie-pop of old, but what really makes the song is the lack of a thumping chorus.

As odd as that may sound, the track is perfectly lined up for a pumping chorus, a la The 1975, it could push the song into Radio 1 status and likely secure some heavy Spotify rotation. However, Whenyoung has clearly opted for a more subtle approach and because of it have won our hearts


Jonathan Rice – ‘Meet The Mother’

Johnathan Rice has released his new song ‘Meet The Mother’ which was inspired by a conversation with Bill Murray.

Rice, whose career has seen him tour with the likes of Phoenix, Jenny Lewis and R.E.M, recalled how Murray offered some relationship advice one evening. “This song is an outlier in my catalogue because it’s my attempt at writing something funny. I ended up in a conversation with Bill Murray one night about relationships, and he told me, ‘Well, you’ve got to meet the mother,” he explained in a press release.

“I carried that phrase with me for years. It felt totemic. I don’t necessarily think that we are just facsimiles of our parents. Real life is way more nuanced than that. But songs aren’t real life. Songs are shorter. I always wanted to write a song that had a cyclical refrain, kinda like ‘You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.’ The song is written in a pretty traditional style, but Tony Berg and Mike Viola [(Ryan Adams, Panic! At the Disco)] kind of went for a Suicide meets Nebraska thing with the production.”


Hannah’s Little Sister – ’20’

Liverpool’s own Hannah’s Little Sister have given us a good taste of what’s to come as their debut song ’20’ feels like an anthem for the those trying to Peter Pan through life.

Having met at school, the group have fostered a rough and ready DIY aesthetic and sound to make us all get a bit excited. Not least because this is the band’s first track out, but also that they display such a swagger across the song, both sonically and lyrically.

Meg Grooters’ lyrics are something to behold. A distinct style and a deeply personal subject matter leave this otherwise raucous sound with a touch of personality that feels reachable and touching. Dealing with the move from a teenage rebel to adulthood and all its expectations is given the right amount of love, care and frustration to feel very authentic.


International Teachers of Pop – ‘After Dark’

International Teachers of Pop have recruited a baby-wielding Maxine Peake to star in their new music video.

The video, which shows a manic Peake dancing around a party with a baby doll, is accompanying the band’s new single ‘After Dark’. “We are big fans of Moroder’s work with Donna Summer and early Chicory Tip – also love Bobby O’s work with The Pet Shop Boys,” ITOP’s Adrian Flanagan said. “I love the boldness and sexiness of those records but I also love how fresh they still sound,” he continued.

“What I love specifically about The Pet Shop Boys was that they managed to take a very European Disco Pop sound and stamp an Englishness on it with the vocals, which is something we find very, very appealing, being practitioners of great English Pop!”

The single will be supported with a U.K. tour which includes dates in their native Sheffield before moving on to Leeds, London and more.


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – ‘Sister’s Jeans’

The newest band to come from the sunnier side of the world, or Australia, as it’s more commonly known, is Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever and they come to you with a brand new song ‘Sister’s Jeans’.

Throw a stone at Melbourne and you will likely hit two or three indie bands before you hear it hit the ground such is the density of talent in the hipster capital of the southern hemisphere. RBCF may seem to be yet another sunny-indie-garage outfit but they have something a little different about their swagger.

They develop songs in a slightly different way to most, operating in the thinking man’s space, the band is creating pop songs you can think on but then still jam out to in the car. ‘Sister’s Jeans’ is the perfect example of that. Built on a wind-beaten sunbed the song grows with every listen, and trust us, you will listen to this more than once such is its infectious groove.

Fran Keaney of RBCF explained: “The first lines ‘stand on the morning / head like a weathervane’ came immediately – that was the clue. Then was the slow process of finding the other pieces to fit. The song is a platonic love song. It offers no answers. Just says, ‘Hi, I see you’.”


Oscar – ‘Runaway’

Oscar has shared the brand new track from his upcoming batch of new songs, the expertly bopping song ‘Runaway’. Oscar Scheller, the man with the velvet vocal, is proving that he is back on the pop path with this one.

“Runaway has gone through a journey itself,” he explained. “The song’s been to New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Stockholm, but ended up by the sea in Margate where it was finally finished.”

Oscar has been on a bit of a journey himself following 2016’s brilliant album Cut & Paste. The album was received warmly by us and across the media. It showed Oscar’s ability to croon better than most and offer the kind of groove that some could only dream of.

Eagerly stamping our feet, it feels like we have been waiting too long for the follow-up record and it appears we will be waiting a little longer. Despite recent collab with Kero Kero Bonito on ‘1UP’ and rumours of a Shura feature on the next record, there’s been no mention of a release date.

So for now, let’s all enjoy Oscar doing his thing the only way he knows how. 


Yellow Days – ‘How Can I Love You?’

Yellow Days comes back with the perfect song to end your summer and start the weekend. Wavier than the Queen on speed in a parade, this song is a statement from the artist and one that won’t go amiss.

George Van Den Broek has been skirting the lo-fi scene for a little while now. We’ve been big fans for a while and often dropped him into that all too familiar ‘slacker rock’ pocket alongside Mac DeMarco, Boy Pablo, etc. But if new song ‘How Can I Love You?’ shows anything it is that Yellow Days is far beyond merely this title.

No, on this track not only does he show an ear for the subtle and the cultured but also manages to create something that will brighten your day and nicely close out the summer.

As the sun starts to drop, the temperature cools and the leaves begin to crisp, v d Broek has dropped a track built to ease you into the winter months.

Get a load of this one and melt away.