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Johnathan Rice’s new song was inspired by a conversation with Bill Murray


Johnathan Rice has released his new song ‘Meet The Mother’ which was inspired by a conversation with Bill Murray.

Rice, whose career has seen him tour with the likes of Phoenix, Jenny Lewis and R.E.M, recalled how Murray offered some relationship advice one evening. “This song is an outlier in my catalogue because it’s my attempt at writing something funny. I ended up in a conversation with Bill Murray one night about relationships, and he told me, ‘Well, you’ve got to meet the mother,” he explained in a press release.

“I carried that phrase with me for years. It felt totemic. I don’t necessarily think that we are just facsimiles of our parents. Real life is way more nuanced than that. But songs aren’t real life. Songs are shorter. I always wanted to write a song that had a cyclical refrain, kinda like ‘You don’t miss your water till your well runs dry.’ The song is written in a pretty traditional style, but Tony Berg and Mike Viola [(Ryan Adams, Panic! At the Disco)] kind of went for a Suicide meets Nebraska thing with the production.”

Here it is, Far Out’s Track of the Day: