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Hannah's Little Sister deal with adulthood on '20'

Liverpool’s own Hannah’s Little Sister have given us a good taste of what’s to come as their debut song ’20’ feels like an anthem for the those trying to Peter Pan through life. This generational-gem is our Track of the Day.

Having met at school, the group have fostered a rough and ready DIY aesthetic and sound to make us all get a bit excited. Not least because this is the band’s first track out, but also that they display such a swagger across the song, both sonically and lyrically.

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Meg Grooters’ lyrics are something to behold. A distinct style and a deeply personal subject matter leave this otherwise raucous sound with a touch of personality that feels reachable and touching. Dealing with the move from a teenage rebel to adulthood and all its expectations is given the right amount of love, care and frustration to feel very authentic.

To be in the studio with Bill Ryder-Jones will only give Hannah’s Little Sister more strength. But for now get down on this brand new track.