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Whenyoung deliver subtlety beyond their years on 'Given Up'


Easy as it may seem to write an indie-pop banger, it’s actually a lot harder than it looks. But one group who seem to have that game in the palm of their hands is Whenyoung. Their new song ‘Given Up’ is a testament to that and is our Track of the Day because of it.

‘Given Up’ may have all the nuances you’d expect from a band heavily influenced by the late 90’s indie-pop of old, but what really makes the song is the lack of a thumping chorus.

As odd as that may sound, the track is perfectly lined up for a pumping chorus, a la The 1975, it could push the song into Radio 1 status and likely secure some heavy Spotify rotation. However, Whenyoung has clearly opted for a more subtle approach and because of it have won our hearts.

Don’t get us wrong, the song still firmly lands in the indie-pop arena, but with this slight show of guile it’s clear that Whenyoung aren’t looking to blow their load too quickly.

Take a listen below.