Oscar shares the brand new track 'Runaway'


Oscar has shared the brand new track from his upcoming batch of new songs, the expertly bopping song ‘Runaway’. Oscar is proving that he is back on the pop path with this one and it’s our Track of the Day.

“Runaway has gone through a journey itself,” he explained. “The song’s been to New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Stockholm, but ended up by the sea in Margate where it was finally finished.”

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Oscar has been on a bit of a journey himself following 2016’s brilliant album Cut & Paste. The album was received warmly by us and across the media. It showed Oscar’s ability to croon better than most and offer the kind of groove that some could only dream of.

Eagerly stamping our feet, it feels like we have been waiting too long for the follow-up record and it appears we will be waiting a little longer. Despite recent collab with Kero Kero Bonito on ‘1UP’ and rumours of a Shura feature on the next record, there’s been no mention of a release date.

So for now, let’s all enjoy Oscar doing his thing the only way he knows how. ‘runaway’ is our Track of the Day.