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Oscar returns with the brilliant '1UP' featuring Sarah Bonito


Oscar Scheller returns to our ears with his crooning vocal running over an 8-bit pop track, his new release aptly title ‘1UP’ which also features Sarah Bonito (from Kero Kero Bonito), another pop banger built for the dancefloor. It comes with an extra brilliant video that is bound to keep the 90’s kids deep down in nostalgia-town.

We have been waiting for some new music from the indie heartthrob for a few years now and this latest single is telling us it was worth the wait. A light-hearted sound to back a feeling of isolation, Oscar shows us how pop is supposed to be done. The follow up album to Cut and Paste is now surely on the way and we couldn’t be happier.

On the new track, Oscar seems to have kept all the charm which made us love him but now with a little extra added cynicism, all rolled up in a delightful indie package. Osca

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Oscar explains “1UP is about having a second chance to start again and making it count. Whether that be a relationship, (with ourselves or others), a lifestyle or even just a philosophy you want to exercise. It’s a celebration of re-birth, intention and progression. As I’ve experienced anxiety and depression, there are moments you feel like you just gotta get through the day, like life is a video game and you’re a character trying to pass the level.”

“I knew it needed a rap verse on it, but more of an old school hip hop positive rap. I’ve known Sarah (Kero Kero Bonito) a long time and knew she’d be the perfect counterpart and often felt she was the voice of positivity, empathy and understanding. I hope it gives people a new lease of life and the strength to keep playing on!”

Oscar is back to save British Pop once again. Glory days.