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Maxine Peake stars in the new International Teachers of Pop music video


International Teachers of Pop have recruited a baby-wielding Maxine Peake to star in their new music video.

The video, which shows a manic Peake dancing around a party with a baby doll, is accompanying the band’s new single ‘After Dark’. “We are big fans of Moroder’s work with Donna Summer and early Chicory Tip – also love Bobby O’s work with The Pet Shop Boys,” ITOP’s Adrian Flanagan said. “I love the boldness and sexiness of those records but I also love how fresh they still sound,” he continued.

“What I love specifically about The Pet Shop Boys was that they managed to take a very European Disco Pop sound and stamp an Englishness on it with the vocals, which is something we find very, very appealing, being practitioners of great English Pop!”

The single will be supported with a U.K. tour which includes dates in their native Sheffield before moving on to Leeds, London and more.

Explaining the relationship with Peake, Flanagan explained: ”Maxine is a long time collaborator with my other project, Eccentronic Research Council, so whenever I want someone to purge the daft ideas in my head and give them some kind of fuzzy artistic logic I always call on my bestest pal, Maxine.

“She’s the Klaus Kinski to my Werner Herzog. And although our video making budget only stretches to getting props and catering from B & M Bargains, I think we make it work for us, we always manage to pull the ship over the mountain!” Flanagan added.

So here it is, Track of the Day: