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(Credit: Hollie Fernando)


Wet Leg release brand new song 'Ur Mum'

Wet Leg - 'Ur Mum'

We are t-minus five days away from the release of Wet Leg’s highly anticipated self-titled debut album, Wet Leg. Few indie rock albums of the last couple of years have been this drooled over, and just to satiate the masses, the Isle of Wight duo have dropped one final single before the album’s release, ‘Ur Mum’.

“I was pretty angry at the way things had gone in this particular dynamic,” lead singer Rhian Teasdale said in a statement. “It’s just a diss song I wrote to make myself feel better. It worked.”

Yet another kickback against delusional former partners and dead-end towns, ‘Ur Mum’ fits right in with Wet Leg’s growing collection of catchy “fuck off” tracks. With playful vocal hooks that barely disguise some venomous vitriol in the song’s lyrics, Teasdale gets to let loose with an impassioned rage that brings a new dynamic to the band’s detached iciness that surrounded their previous singles like ‘Wet Dream’ and ‘Angelica’.

It all culminates in Teasdale’s assertion that she’s been practising her “longest and loudest scream.” When she unleashes her banshee wail, Wet Leg rise above the aloofness and composed coolness that has become their hallmark to deliver something truly emotional and impactful. Not that their other singles weren’t emotional or impactful, just that ‘Ur Mum’ is the first one where the rage simmering just below the surface finally goes volcanic.

When Teasdale let that scream rip at the band’s recent concert at DC9 in Washington, D.C., wearing the same grocery store outfits that are featured in the ‘Ur Mum’ video no less, it was a clear moment that things were about to become much bigger for the band. They had already proven it by pulling up in a massive tour bus and selling out a club that was about five sizes too small for such a hot band, but the reaction from the crowd that followed this particular scream was akin to some kind of earthquake. Bartenders were dancing on top of the bar. Audience members were losing their minds. The entire place shook.

It was a zeitgeist moment and one that will probably never happen again now that the band are selling out much larger venues. But for the lucky few of us that were there and at any of the other intimate shows that Wet Leg will most likely never return to, the explosive release of ‘Ur Mum’ was just validation that Wet Leg are earning their reputation as indie rock’s most exciting new band.

Check out the video for ‘Ur Mum’ down below. Wet Leg is set for an April 8th release date.