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(Credit: Hollie Fernando)


Wet Leg release brand new song 'Angelica'

Wet Leg - 'Angelica'

The anticipation for Wet Leg‘s self-titled debut album is white hot. Set to drop April, all four of the group’s songs have taken on lives of their own in the half-year that Wet Leg have been putting out music. In that short span of time, the British indie rock duo have become one of the hottest new acts in music.

It all kicked off with ‘Chaise Longue’, the sneaky Song of the Summer for 2021. They got even better on their follow up sing, ‘Wet Dream’, and kept the bar high with both ‘Too Late Now’ and ‘Oh No’. As the days get closer and closer to hearing what a full length Wet Leg album sounds like, the group have gifted us with another track, the fuzzy and wonderfully downtrodden ‘Angelica’.

“It’s laced with disenchantment,” singer Rhian Teasdale says of the track. “Even though the chorus is ‘good times, all the time.’ That’s just impossible, isn’t it?” This is definitely one of those uptempo rockers that lures you in before you realise that it’s not actually a party song. Quite the oppostie, in fact: “I don’t want to follow you on the ‘Gram / I don’t want to listen to your band” brings a bit of jaded grumpiness to the fore.

When paired with ‘Oh No’ and ‘Too Late Now’, Wet Leg are carving out quite a bit of discourse on our endless scross culture. That might be heavy-handed if the group weren’t pairing it with chiming guitars, scuzzy riffs, and hardened indie rock energy. The results are fresh and modern, showing that indie rock still has something to say in 2022.

So that’s Wet Leg going 5 for 5. I’d be surprised if any more singles come out from Wet Leg before the album drops in roughly a month, seeing as how one more song would basically amount to half the album already being released. Still, if the group wants to put out another song, I’m certianly not going to tell them not to. Less isn’t more with Wet Leg: more isn’t quite enough. The band are riding a wave, and I don’t think I’m more excited for any album this year.

Check out the video for ‘Angelica’ down below. Wet Leg is set for an April 8th release.