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The Strokes confirm 2020 album with NYE performance of new song 'Ode to The Mets'


The Strokes used their New Year’s Eve performance at New York’s Barclays Center to announce that a new full-length record will land with fans in 2020. They even dropped in a brand new song, with the debut of ‘Ode to The Mets’.

Julian Casablancas told the crowd at the special show in NYC that the band were ready to kick off the new decade with some new music, their first album since 2013’s Comedown Machine. He did so with the first peek at the new record’s sound and a quip about the previous decade.

“Yeah, we’ve got a new album coming out soon! 2020, here we come,” Casablancas told the gleeful audience. “The 2010s, whatever the fuck they’re called, we took ‘em off. And now we’ve been unfrozen and we’re back. If you really love someone, you’ll be frozen with them. You know what? I don’t know what I say generally, and I ramble a lot, but I love you guys, and it’s a real honor to share the stage and this night with you guys.”

The Strokes also played 2019’s previous new track ‘The Adults Are Talking’ suggesting that the album is taking shape and may arrive sooner rather than later. But they weren’t done yet as they invited Mac DeMarco, who had thrilled the crowd opening the show, up on stage to play some Strokes deep cuts.

The lo-fi wizard shared the spotlight on the rendition of Room On Fire track ‘Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men’ for the first time since 2003. It comes after DeMarco has recently worked with Casablancas’ other project the Voidz to devastating effect.

Watch below as The Strokes perform a new song, ‘Ode To The Mets’ and the rare song ‘Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men’, and hint the best is yet to come.

Source: Stereogum