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The Strokes debut new song ‘The Adults Are Talking’ | Watch

The Strokes’ new album is "finished" according to guitarist Nick Valensi

In an interview with New York’s Q 104.3, The Strokes guitarist Nick Valensi has hinted that a new album is finished and in the process of being mixed.

Caught off guard when radio DJ Jonathan Clarke fired at Valensi that he had “heard that the new Strokes album is finished and that you are mixing.” “Wow you heard that?” Valensi said in response. “Well, it must be true.”

Clarke pressed to see if the guitarist could share “when or if the album might see release.” Valensi dodged and weaved his way through the question saying “When, I don’t know. If — I would say, it’s a strong likelihood.”

The last release from the legendary indie band was back in 2016 with their Future Present Past EP, so this news will comes as a pleasant surprise for all major fans ready for new music.

The band are currently touring their extensive set across multiple venues and are headlining Ohana Music Festival in CA, with other performances such as Corona Capital and a New Year’s show at the Barclays Centre in Brooklyn.