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Credit: Scott Penner/Solly

Watch as Julian Casablancas joins The Raconteurs for a cover of The Strokes' 'The Modern Age'


During the ’00s Jack White and Julian Casablancas were the leading men of two of the most important artists in the world. As the leader of The Strokes and The White Stripes, they were swashbuckling heroes, now some years later they share the stage again.

The fan-footage below sees Julian Casablancas join White’s The Raconteurs on stage to deliver a very special cover of The Strokes’ ‘The Modern Age’ and it is an indie dream.

The band was performing in Mexico City following the summer release of their long-awaited album Help Us Stranger. The encore would see White and co welcomed Casablancas to perform a cover of The Strokes’ Is This It song ‘The Modern Age’. He made his way on stage and quickly bowed down to indie icon White. Casablancas quickly left the stage to huge applause.

The Raconteurs took to social media to post a series of images of the performance on their official Instagram account.

The two stars have shared the stage on a few occasions but there’s none better than back in 2002. A time before smartphones had taken over the world, these two acts converged to create a special moment in the history of rock and roll and the lives of all who saw it. The gig was already of significant importance to The Strokes. As New York dwellers, the venue would’ve acted as inspiration for the band during their early days of garage gigs and single-digit audiences. It’s fair to assume they would’ve been ready to give the huge crowd a great show.

Another obstacle for the band’s nerves to overcome would’ve been leading man Julian Casablancas’ medical condition. The singer had recently broken his leg after a freak wrestling act, and so was forced to perform on a stool. Anyone who saw the band at this time in their career could attest to Casablancas not being the most mobile of singers on his best day. But, on this occasion, he still managed to deliver an incredible show.

The band would then launch into what was possibly their most ‘controversial’ song, the brilliant ‘New York City Cops’. Not even a year after the horrendous events of 9/11 the band were treading on eggshells pulling this one out at an NYC venue. But pull it out they did and they tore up the venue with an astonishingly powerful performance.

Only one thing could add to it; a ferocious Jack White, clad head to toe in blood red, powered by the crowd, and wielding his guitar like a medieval axeman. He rips through the song adding his own solo line and adding to the triumphant hometown performance.

Watch below as Jack White joins The Strokes to perform ‘New York City Cops’ in 2002