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Credit: The Voidz


Julian Casablancas' Voidz share new Mac DeMarco produced song 'Did My Best'


Julian Casablancas band The Voidz have shared a brand new song ‘Did My Best’ along with a new version of their release ‘The Eternal Tao’ in a wonderful double feature video release. ‘Did My Best’ is co-produced by Mac DeMarco and Kirin J Callin and is our Track of the Day.

Unlike some other token collaboration/production between artists, this one is a real merging of ideas. The track is a beautiful marriage between the two differing styles of DeMarco and Casablancas, both laying their sonic idiosyncrasies for all to see. It’s of course not the first time the pair have worked together but this release feels much more aligned artistically.

DeMarco’s archetypal laconic guitar is hazy and pastel-coloured as ever. Atop the vocoder vocals it renders the futurist sound Casablancas pursues with the Voidz having a far more attainable appeal. It feels like walking home from a summer’s afterparty.

The song arrives with a video directed by Johann Rashid, which is as brilliant as we’ve come to expect from the creator. The second half of the video features a new version of the ‘The Eternal Tao’, which comes with all the robotic rap stylings you’re hoping for laid on top of some kaleidoscopic visuals. Watch the video below.

In a statement, the Voidz said: “This video is inspired by a nonexistent Fellini TV show mixed with a futuristic timecop-party vibe. How do humans interact with robots/non-DNA carrying entities and how do said entities interact with us? Are we teaching them? Are they teaching us? Or is it all more sinister….”

All in all, a bloody good release then. Perfect for your Friday and everything in between.