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(Credit: Abby Gilliardi)


Tame Impala cover 'Last Nite' at Primavera in tribute to The Strokes

Tame Impala launched into a fiery cover of ‘Last Nite’, showing the band’s determination to make their appearance at Primavera a memorable one for the audience in question. It was done as part of their extended encore at the Barcelona festival on June 2nd, feeling that it was their one excuse to pay tribute to The Strokes, a band who had led their way to this moment of tremendous success and revelation but will sadly not perform at the event.

“Probably never again,” vocalist Kevin Parker admitted. “It’s just for you guys.” Tame Impala are just one of the acts that are performing at Primavera Sound: The National, Beck, Jamie xx, Gorillaz and Tyler, The Creator will also entertain audiences.

The Strokes were supposed to perform at the festival, although they pulled out from the performance. They followed hot on the tails of Massive Attack, the electro-pop hybrid who cancelled due to ill health back in March. The Strokes similarly cancelled their stint at Boston Calling due to a Covid-19 diagnosis caught in their camp. Nine Inch Nails replaced them on the bill, cementing their legacy.

In other Tame Impala related news, Parker has suggested that the next album will be out in the future: “…another Tame Impala album done sooner than what has been the pattern for me”. The singer suggested that music-making is more than a job for the singer.

“I’m always making music, that’s kind of all I know how to do,” he told Sydney Morning Herald. “I’m just here in the studio by myself. There could be an apocalypse going on outside, and it probably wouldn’t affect it.” The singer likens the process of creativity to the pursuit of dream weaving, stemming from a place deep inside of him. It ““will always be something more special to me than anything else and the thing I put the most love into,” he exclaimed, in one of his more revealing interviews.

Tame Impala are an Australian outfit and were formed in 2007. Parker acts as its musical director and sole custodian, which might explain why the band have based their set almost entirely on the idiosyncratic lyrics in question.