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(Credit: Kim Metso)


The National return and perform three new tracks


The National have returned to live touring for the first time since 2019. The group performed three new tracks at the Baluarte in Pamplona, Spain, to mark the occasion with ‘Grease In Your Hair (Birdie)’, ‘Tropic Morning News (Havisham)’ and ‘Bathwater (Mount Auburn)’ all being played.

The National recently revealed that they have been working on new music during rehearsals for their current summer tour. In a social media post, the band shared photos from said rehearsal, teasing the imminent arrival of new music. The post read: “Rehearsals are underway. It’s great for the seven of us to finally be back together in a room working on music both fresh and familiar. Nos vemos en Pamplona.”

Earlier in the spring, Bryce Dessner described The National’s new album (their follow up to 2019’s I Am Easy To Find) as being reminiscent of the band’s “classic” sound but with more “energy”. While Dessner admitted not being “sure when new music will come,” he did insist that the band were “working on it” and that a new record is “imminent”.

He added: “It’s all very exciting: it kind of feels back to the classic National sound in a way, which was really just the five of us, and it has a lot of energy in it,” said Dessner. “Maybe it’s like bursting out of the closed doors of Covid or something? I don’t know. But we’re excited and I would think it would be imminent at some point.”

The National’s concert in Spain saw the band deliver an expansive, career-spanning set. You can check out the full setlist below and see fan footage of their new material.

The National – Baluarte Set List:

  • ‘Don’t Swallow the Cap’
  • ‘Mistaken for Strangers’
  • ‘I Should Live in Salt’
  • ‘Bloodbuzz Ohio’
  • ‘I Need My Girl’
  • ‘This Is the Last Time’
  • ‘The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness’
  • ‘Grease in Your Hair (Birdie)’ – new song
  • ‘Light Years’
  • ‘Slow Show’
  • ‘Guilty Party’
  • ‘Day I Die’
  • ‘Tropic Morning News (Haversham)’ – new song
  • ‘Pink Rabbits’
  • ‘Rylan’
  • ‘England’
  • ‘Graceless’
  • ‘Fake Empire’
  • ‘About Today’