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18-year-olds in Spain to receive €400 culture vouchers


There are many reasons why Spain is a lovely place to live, and they may have just added yet another to the list. The Youth Cultural Bonus was officially approved on Wednesday, March 23rd, by Spain’s council of ministers.

The purpose of this Youth Cultural Bonus is to help bolster and restore cultural and creative industries that have suffered during the ongoing pandemic. Not only will it assist in this endeavour, but it also serves to support artistic pursuits and education for Spain’s young adult population specifically.

As per the plan, 18-year-olds will receive €400 (£335) in culture vouchers to spend on the arts. These vouchers can be spent on music festivals, live events, books, physical music, and digital music. There are limitations, but these vouchers are mostly available to use by the recipients as they please.

The recipients have one year to spend their vouchers, which will contribute to the artistic economy quickly. The Spanish government stated on their website: “Following the example of nearby countries, such as France or Italy, where similar initiatives are already being practised for young people who turn 18, the Youth Cultural Bonus is intended for those people who reach the age of majority in the calendar year in which it is requested.”

The statement continues, “The Youth Cultural Voucher project seeks to facilitate universal and diversified access to culture for young people, generate new habits of cultural consumption and strengthen existing ones, create new audiences, stimulate demand and reduce the negative impact caused by the pandemic on various cultural sectors in our country.”

Following the example set by surrounding countries, Italy and France, the vouchers hit a median of the value that these countries offer to their populations.

As for other limitations, there are a few spending caps in place. There is a €200 (£170) spending cap on live events and festivals, a €100 (£85) spending cap for physical products, and a €100 spending cap for digital products. Overall, this seems to be a great choice both for the public and for the arts industry.

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