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Panic Shack announce debut EP and share new single ‘Mannequin Man’


Wales’ newest band of indie punks, Panic Shack, have announced their debut EP Baby Shack and have shared the latest taste of the upcoming release with a new single, ‘Mannequin Man’.

You’ve all seen those street performers who just stand as statues for hours at a time, right? Well imagine a whole song devoted to that, but with lo-fi guitars, candy-coated melodies, a snotty disposition and goofy middle finger to anybody who might take anything, especially the band themselves, too seriously.

“‘Mannequin Man’ is a song we wrote about a guy we met in London who works as a literal, real-life mannequin,” the band said. “We were so impressed by his mannequin impersonation that we wrote the song about him on the megabus home the next day. Contrary to popular belief there is no deeper meaning to MM although you can take from the lyrics what you will.”

Now’s a pretty awesome time for punk-adjacent rock music made by women. The Linda Lindas are rising to stardom, Lauran Hibberd is creating awesomely scuzzy pop songs wrapped in barbed wire, Nova Twins are blasting out anthemic guitar-heavy tracks, and even the mainstream is at least getting a slight taste of punk-influenced pop through the unrelenting emo-ness of Olivia Rodrigo and Gayle. Sprints, Wet Leg, Horsegirl, Amyl & the Sniffers… the guys really need to start keeping up.

The band also filmed a charmingly low-budget video for the track, revealing: “The video was filmed during the height of Covid so unfortunately we couldn’t get to London and decided a green screen was the next best thing,” the group add. “Concept-wise, we picked a theme and ran with it (no pun intended) doing what we do best (punching and shouting) in front of a camera. It was shot in about an hour and edited by our good friend Ren Faulkner all the way back in March 2021. A slight problem we’ve come to realise is that we all change our hairstyles so frequently we look unrecognisable. But will we stop? No.”

Check out the video, plus the tracklisting for Baby Shack, down below. Baby Shack is set for an April 8th release.

Baby Shack tracklisting:

1. ‘I Don’t Really Like It’
2. ‘Baby’
3. ‘Jiu Jits You’
4. ‘The Ick’
5. ‘Mannequin Man’
6. ‘Who’s Got My Lighter?’