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(Credit: The Linda Lindas)


The Linda Lindas announce new album and share 'Growing Up'

The Linda Lindas - 'Growing Up'

Los Angeles indie punks The Linda Lindas have returned to announce their second studio album, Growing Up, and have shared the LP’s title track.

The raucous single is pure untamable energy, from the very first cymbal crashes to the very last power chords. The song features lead vocal from guitarist Lucia de la Garza, in what I believe is her first time as a lead vocalist on one of the band’s singles. It’s definitely more pop-punk, with an added production sheen and synthesiser track that comes with a boosted profile.

The song also comes with a new video directed by Humberto Leon: “Directing my first video for The Linda Lindas was a dream come true because I love the message and voice the girls have, and I am a true fan,” Leon says. “I was really inspired by the girl’s love of cats and wanted to take that to the next level and so the video is a conversation about turning points in their lives all being viewed through the gaze of their cats”.

Leon added: “It creates a narrative of whether the cats want to trade places with the girls or vice-a-versa. This video was extra special because I worked with the girls on designing the outfits with Batsheva, styling the looks with Rodarte and Warby Parker. The entire video was a collaboration between me and the girls. By shooting the video on iPhone 13 Pro Max, it created an intimacy with the video that felt like we were listening in on a day in the life of The Linda Lindas.”

Throughout April, The Linda Lindas will be featured as a supporting act during a series of concerts with legendary punk institution Jawbreaker. It’s a sign of success, but also of respect: The Linda Lindas can rock with the best of them, and they’re getting the opportunity to show it on increasingly bigger stages.

Check out the video for ‘Growing Up’ down below. Growing Up is set to drop on April 8th.