(Credit: The Linda Lindas)


The Linda Lindas share new song 'Nino'

The Linda Lindas - 'Nino'

American punk rock foursome The Linda Lindas have shared a brand new song, the driving and foot-stomping ‘Nino’.

Surely you know the story of the Linda Lindas by now? A band of teenagers, playing guitar-heavy feminist-centric punk rock, go viral, get signed to a label, yada yada yada. So now the time has come to stop regurgitating the origin story over and over again and to finally start taking these new songs in without any novelty factor attached to them. That’s what a young upstart band deserves, and hopefully, that’s what they’ll get from this point on.

And good news: ‘Nino’ is another awesomely hard-hitting track from the group. The Linda Lindas understand the assignment – short, catchy, souped-up punk rock that can be about anything you want.

In this case, it’s about a cat named Nino and how you shouldn’t be fooled by his friendly exterior. He’s a killing machine, and you need to beware if you happen to be a rat. It might sound like a twee subject for a song, but it’s already more mature than every single Blink-182 song not called ‘Stay Together for the Kids’.

I’m still more inclined to listen to the band’s previous single ‘Oh!’ myself, but that’s neither here nor there. This is a band with the chops and sill to get past their inherent gimmick, even if we’re all still waiting for a song as good as the one that sent them on the path to success, ‘Racist, Sexist Boy’. All in good time, I suppose, and this is a band with tons of time and a promising future ahead of them.

Check out the video for ‘Nino’ down below.