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(Credit: Lauran Hibberd)


Lauran Hibberd shares fierce new single 'Bleugh'

Lauran Hibberd - 'Bleugh'

Lauran Hibberd has dropped a pipe bomb with her fierce new single, ‘Bleugh’.

The 23-year-old musician from the Isle of Wight is gearing up to release her new EP, Goober, next month and is her first body of work since 2019’s Everything Is Dogs EP. Since then, her sound has progressed, and Hibberd has gotten louder with each release, with ‘Bleugh’ arriving as the singer’s most ferocious effort yet.

Hibberd kicks out her frustrations on the song about falling for people that you soon realise are the kind of folk you don’t particularly want in your life, and yet you still find yourself getting sucked in. The track is explosive, and it sees Hibberd get some things off her chest that has been eating her up inside for far too long.

On the track, she scathingly sings: “It’s not exactly like I’ve lеarned my lesson, I make myself feel sick but, I still find myself dressing up to watch you play drums it’s depressing but yeah.”

“‘Bleugh’ is the only sound that sums up my adult reaction to my pre-naive self,” Hibberd explains in a statement. “It’s about always being attracted to people who’ve nothing going on, nothing to offer you, yet it’s that hamster wheel you can’t quite jump off.

“You’ll probably find these people in bands called something like ‘broken cyclists’ or better yet in moody solo projects called something pretentious like ‘bora boring’. It’s my favourite track of mine, and I’ve been sitting on and incubating this girl for a while. It feels really good shouting ‘Bleugh’ btw, I recommend you try it out.”

On ‘Bleugh’, Hibberd takes part in what feels like a session of primal scream therapy, and it makes for an exhilarating listen. Her forthcoming EP is shaping up to be a barnstormer as Hibberd’s continues to enhance her sound and turn the decibels up.