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Interpol share new song 'Gran Hotel'

Interpol - 'Gran Hotel'

This Friday, indie-rock lifers Interpol will be releasing their seventh album The Other Side of Make-Believe. Just before it drops, the trio have opted to release one final preview in the form of the new single ‘Gran Hotel’.

Like all the best material from the band, ‘Gran Hotel’ contains a potent mix of moody darkness and peppy guitar rock. After a few singles where his lead guitar was put on the back burner, specifically the new songs ‘Toni’ and ‘Something Changed’ where he played keyboards instead, Daniel Kessler is once again leading the charge with his cutting chords and looping lead lines.

“The lyrics to ‘Gran Hotel’ tell a story of grief and heartbreak, of a character processing loss,” singer Paul Banks shares in a statement. “Working with a fantastic camera crew and with the help of two very talented actors, Malia created a powerful video that conveys the events that lead to that loss. It’s a work of art filled with mood and colour that we are very proud to share with you.”

‘Gran Hotel’ doesn’t actually invoke anything from the classic period of the band. Instead, it more closely resembles the material found on Marauder and A Fine Mess, all the way down to Banks’ gritty bass work. Sam Fogarino stays solid behind the drum kit, throwing in occasional offbeat hits to keep the song from getting stale and giving s solid kick whenever it’s needed.

All told, ‘Gran Hotel’ has something for both devoted and casual fans of Interpol. There’s a palpable sense of moroseness that will feel like a warm blanket to true believers, but there’s also enough sprightly kick throughout the arrangement for it to be one of Interpol’s brighter rockers. Simply put: it’s just good.

There’s no reinventing the wheel going on here, but Interpol are proving that they’re still the best at what they do, putting out moody indie rock that sounds damn cool even 20 years on from their start.

Check out the audio for ‘Gran Hotel’ down below. The Other Side of Make-Beleive is set for a July 15th release.