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Interpol launch new album with latest single ‘Toni’

Interpol - 'Toni'

Interpol, the masters of moody indie, are back with another anthem that will at first perturb and then beguile like the come-hither of the creepy abandoned house on the edges of town to rabblerousing youngsters. ‘Toni’ is moonlit and mildly menacing but it builds towards an adrenalised fracas free from any musical malaise. It’s Halloween heist music, and being the only occupants of that unique pigeonhole gets a big thumbs up in itself. 

It was Sam Fogarino of Interpol who once described Pixies as the most influential band of the last 25 years explaining that he first listened to them, he said: “I felt vile, then I felt violated, then I thought it was the most brilliant fucking thing since sliced bread and that hasn’t changed because it’s ageless music and that’s a very rare thing to stumble upon.”

That has also been the inherent beauty to Interpol’s music over the years. On the surface, the dark, brooding atmosphere is an almost overwhelming wallop to the sense. However, beneath the darkness, there are layers that keep on giving. ‘Toni’ is no different, offering flashes of revealing wordplay and the likes as you delve into its pitch-black waters.

A bit like their previous album Marauder in 2018, there is perhaps more of a polished studio feel to the single than much of their earlier work, but thankfully that is not to the detriment of their raw energy. After all, it is a minor tweak to an otherwise unchangeable sound that once more illuminates whether some other bands are too quick to evolve rather than clinging to their own sound. 

The track is the first single from their forthcoming new record The Other Side of Make-Believe. The album has been described as being “imbued with pastoral longing and newfound grace”. As the circumstances of recording elements alone during lockdown “has opened up a vivid new chapter for us,” according to guitarist Daniel Kessler. There is a sense of that vividity in ‘Toni’.

The album is set for release on July 15th. You can check out the steller first single and tracklisting for the record below. 

Interpol’s The Other Side of Make-Believe tracklisting:

1.  ‘Toni’
2.  ‘Fables’
3.  ‘Into The Night’
4.  ‘Mr Credit’
5.  ‘Something Changed’
6.  ‘Renegade Hearts’
7.  ‘Passenger’
8.  ‘Greenwich’
9.  ‘Gran Hotel’
10. ‘Big Shot City’
11. ‘Go Easy (Palermo)’