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Interpol share new song 'Something Changed'

Interpol - 'Something Changed'

American gloom-rock survivors Interpol have returned to drop their second single in a week, the piano-driven ‘Something Changed’.

Featuring Sam Fogarino switching up between swung verse rhythms and more driving chorus beats, ‘Something Changed’ otherwise swims in some familiar and murky waters that are sure to delight fans. Some doom-laden imagery from Paul Banks, including calling himself a “numbskull”, is a welcome return to the kind of off-the-wall lyricism that he turned into a signature style throughout the band’s career.

Even though it’s signature Interpol, ‘Something Changed’ seems to be channelling one of the more maligned eras of the band: their self-titled fourth album, which was heavy on abstract keyboard lines and more nebulous than some of their more direct indie rock albums of the early and mid-2000s.

All of that is fine, but it comes at the expense of Interpol’s best weapon: Daniel Kessler’s stinging lead guitar lines. Kessler certainly takes on a secondary role in ‘Something Changed’, adding in eerie effects-laden background lines that float around the arrangement without ever having a chance to break out to the forefront of the song.

It’s not like Kessler needs to be the man in front of every tune, but this is the second single in a row where a greater emphasis is drawn to keyboards and bass instead of Kessler’s guitar after the band’s previous single, ‘Toni’. Maybe that’s ultimately what The Other Side of Make-Believe is going to be like, which would make it noticeably different from every other Interpol album. Whether that actually ends up happening, and whether it’s a good thing or not, will only be revealed in time.

But for now, ‘Something Changed’ is a solidly moody cut from the band’s upcoming seventh studio album. Banks commented: “A few of the songs in particular have really unabashedly positive sentiments,” but these first two singles certain aren’t those. That’s perfectly fine because it makes The Other Side of Make-Believe seem like it just might be the most diverse and engaging Interpol listening experience since 2014’s El Pintor. Still waiting on those uplifting songs, but no Interpol fan is going to complain about wallowing in the sadder edges of ‘Toni’ and ‘Something Changed’.

Check out the video for ‘Something Changed’ down below. The Other Side of Make Believe is set for a July 15th release.