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(Credit: Myspace / YouTube)


Revisit the moment Hayley Williams and Robert Pattinson interviewed each other


The year was 2008, and MySpace was the primary social media sweeping social circles and bringing music content to fans of all kinds. From the independent and alternative artists that got their start on the platform to actors and stars that might surprise you, MySpace actually had a lot to offer in those days.

If you’ve seen Variety’s ‘Artist on Artist’ series, you’re likely familiar with how interesting and enticing it is to see two of your favourite artists engage in conversation with one another. The Artist on Artist interviews boasted a very polished, formalised quality, but that hasn’t always been the case.

In fact, it was MySpace specifically that orchestrated plenty of Artist on Artist interviews that have a bit more of a relaxed air, and there’s one, in particular, that might have Twilight fans and fans of its associated soundtracks intrigued. It’s none other than 2008’s interview between Robert Pattinson and Hayley Williams of Paramore

Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of the vampire young adult fantasy franchise, watching these two young artists sit down and have a casual conversation and joke around about veggie burgers and being broke before success is charming indeed. 

But they don’t simply joke around and poke fun at each other. On the contrary, the two get into a seemingly unstructured but nonetheless revealing conversation about their work in which Williams reveals how Paramore made their way onto the Twilight soundtrack in the first place, and Pattinson waxes a little poetic about his forgotten music career—which is actually an intriguing rabbit hole to fall down on its own.

It’s clear that this is a conversation not just between these two artists who clearly respect one another, but also that they feel like equals somewhat before their prime. The interview itself is extremely down to earth and even a bit awkward at points. It’s endearing to watch both of them get a little bit starstruck.

The interview offers plenty of little Easter eggs, like their discussion of doing a duet, which they still have yet to do, by the way. They also complement one another’s accents and talk about the weirdness of experiencing real fame for the first time.

If you want to check out the full interview and see it in all of its 2000s glory, you can watch it down below now. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go on MySpace to watch it anymore.