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(Credit: Edward Cooke)


Foals' vocalist Yannis Philippakis remembers drunk encounter with Robert Smith

Foals‘ bandleader Yannis Philippakis recalls the night he bumped into Robert Smith at the NME awards in 2020, although it’s not an occasion he remembers with tremendous pride. He recalled the events to Shaun Keaveny on his podcast The Line-Up, describing his experiences as lucidly and as clearly as he could.

“I got battered, basically got super drunk, and then we did win something,” Philippakis admitted. “We went up there and I gave an interview that I think has been sort of scorched like it’s been taken out. There was video, but and I didn’t remember this until the next day, but I was like I was dancing in it and saying all sorts of stuff, but the thing I remember was looking at like some of my bandmates faces and like, you know, I was performing for the for the interview and for the interview and for the camera and then looking over and just kind of getting these mortified looks. But it was mid flow, you know.”

The singer claimed that he wouldn’t leave backstage until he had a photo with Robert Smith, lead singer of The Cure. Philippakis recalled Edwin Congreave’s concern that they would embarass themselves in front of the gothic musician. Although he got what he wanted, he claims he remembers very little about the event, and had to be reminded of his actions.

In other news, the gothic rockers The Cure have announced details of a new charity band T-shirt that provides support for Ukraine amid the ongoing armed conflict. The Blue-and-yellow-coloured shirts bear the Ukrainian logo, invoking the colours and flags of the Ukrainian nation. The band have promised that each and every one of the net proceeds will go to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

Other artists who have rallied around Ukraine include Pink Floyd, who put their differences aside to create a single based on the experiences of the country in question. The single features David Gilmour and Nick Mason, with Guy Pratt playing bass in Roger Waters’ place. As of the time of print, the conflict is still ongoing.

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