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(Credit: NTNU)


Brian May helps reunite a young musician with their guitar

Guitarist Brian May has posted a story on his Instagram that is sure to impress Queen fans of all persuasions. Having taken part in a recent lost-and-found campaign, May was delighted to post a photo of eight-year-old Emerson Liu Bancroft, who was reunited with the guitar he had lost. 

Initiated by Mazz Murray, a British actress who worked with May on the jukebox musical We Will Rock You, requests were made to locate the owner of the guitar. Murray posted a photo online, after spotting the guitar on January 14th. She tagged the Queen musician, who then wrote to his 2.9 million fans asking them to help if they could. 

Word got back to Bancroft, who got the guitar after correctly identifying Harry Potter and Star Wars sheet music in the case. Bancroft was photographed with Murray, which May uploaded onto his Instagram. 

May has used his Instagram to speak about causes that are dear to his heart. After getting a Covid diagnosis in December 2021, May posted a video online, urging fans to take better care of themselves. 

In other May-related news, he is set to appear onscreen himself, this time as an actor. Describing his experience on Andy and the Band, May feels the show acts as a support system to those who “feel like they’re an outcast – it’s an anti-bullying campaign built into what they do, which I think is wonderful. It must give so many kids confidence who have lost their belief because they’re regarded as something different, a bit odd, and they get bullied.”

“These things are very serious, I have grandchildren now and I know, all over again, what happens in schools, and it’s so easy for a kid to be marginalised,” the guitarist continued. “You don’t realise how much damage that can do to kids. So it’s grown-ups that need to be educated, not just the kids.”

“All the grown-ups that I’ve shown it to have been very moved, some of them have cried, which is great,” May elaborated.The episode airs on CBBC on Thursday, January 27th, and the single ‘Planet Rock’ by Andy And The Odd Socks featuring Brian May will be released on February 18th.