(Credit: Francisco Moreno)


7 Bands You Need To See at CMJ 2014


CMJ 2014, the New York based festival is spanning a wide range of venues, over 80 in fact with over 1400 artists, reaches its 34th year and with this triumphant birthday candle blown out, the bands on show for 2104 are second to none.

Throughout the week from 21st October to the 25th October, New York will be buzzing with artists, fans and the music industries brightest young hopes as CMJ focuses its attention on emerging talent.

Beyond the incredible headliners of Bombay Bicycle Club and The Kills there are some incredible performers maing their way for a bite of the Big Apple. Here are some of our favourites.

1. Courtney Barnett 

We are huge fans of Melbourne lady who mixes a distinct nonchalance with deeply poetic lyrics flecked with pop culture and a sardonic edge, Barnett creates an apathetic and emphatic sound which resonates as clearly today as Dylan did in the 60’s.

2. Public Access TV 

A band that have received critical acclaim without th nuisance of releasing much for critique. But with very good reason. Public Access TV display a kind of confidence that only comes with writing the kind of sultry sexy sounds that make girls go weak and fills clubs to the rafters. Expect The Virgins-esque gyrating and funky bounce: easily the best ‘date night’ of the event. Be safe kids.

3. First Aid Kit  

 You should never forget your First Aid Kit when gong to a festival and this year’s CMJ is no different. These Swedish sisters are proving their worth as one of the more exciting bands to fully emerge from 2014, following their 2010 conception. Folk tinges and big tunes mean 1am singing is certain. Don’t miss them even if you’re injured, they are just the remedy you need.

4. Popstrangers 

We love Popstrangers in the Far Out office, they are as charming as they are arty. Extremely obvious is their ear for a good tune nd they flick licks like a dg with peanut butter on it’s nose. With these sensibilties you’d be mad to miss out.


The London band have been making a noise in the capital for the last few years and now New york gets to experience their smooth sound first hand. Expect riffs, licks and a sultry synth beat unmatched thus far.

6. Twin Peaks 

Apart from providing some of the best music to make your breakfast to, Chicago’s Twin Peaks have found an uncanny way of melting The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground and The Clash with a touch of Mac Demarco to create not only a seriously good album but an awesome live show. A must.

7. Ultimate Painting 

Easily the best supergroup of 2014 made of Jack and James from Mazes and Veronica Falls respectively, Ultimate Painting purvey a pure hazy psychedelia which has seen them almost outstrip their original bands. Thoughtful and astute musicality make Ultimate Painting top of your list.

Add these incredible acts to the 1393 other bands playing this years CMJ and you have yourself one hell of a week. They say New York is the city that never sleeps? Who’d fucking want to.