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(Credit: Courtney Barnett)


Courtney Barnett releases new song 'History Eraser'

We meander towards the weekend with our Live At Leeds Track of the Day takeover with one act in particular we’re super excited to see live, Courtney Barnett.

Courtney Barnett has been knocking around since 2012 when she started her own label Milk! Records in the sunny town of Melbourne. But don’t worry this isn’t another Tame Impala regurgitation, Barnett posses a whole lot more than that. ‘History Eraser’ is proof of this alone.

Barnett, without the pressures from a hungry label, has been allowed to untangle her own story-telling techniques and as these sprawl in to a vast cosmos of unidentified urchin yearnings, we get a glimpse of where her powers truly lie. If you exclude the folk tinged psychedelia and the nuance of having her own label it is Barnett’s unflinching songsmithery that sets her apart.

There has been somewhat of a ‘Grrl Rock’ revival of late with countless female led bands as well as the classic all-girl group leading the fight in the most ferociously feminine ways. Bands like Savages, PINS and Wolf Alice like to head this revolt with a snarl and a scream that befits a warrior princess – and they’re damn good at it too. Barnett however, offers a little more wit, a whole lot more apathy and a skill set of socially wry lyrics and a cultured ear that paint her as the bastard daughter of a suburban Bob Dylan.

The effortless ‘History Eraser’ is the perfect example of this complimentary comparison. The tune is both laid back and stripped back, but what doesn’t feel skimpy is not only the poetic style of her lyrics but the modernity with which she delivers them. The first single from her Second EP How To Carve a Carrot into a Rose is currently circulating the airwaves as people start to take notice of this Aussie with her fast lipped, quick witted approach. Luckily Barnett looks intent on listlessly letting us join the party.