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Popstrangers - Country Kills


After releasing 2013’s gazing and woozy Antipodes Kiwi trio Popstrangers are back with a riffier and altogether more distorted attempt with Country Kills its disco beat and dreamy vocals make it perfect for Friday’s Track Of The Day.

With enough fuzz at it’s core to embellish the rest of the song with intense pop sensibilities Popstrangers bring an angular approach to an indie pop record. Choppy chords run throughout and the chorus sings like a home counties warbler which matched with the quasi-punk lyrics make this track destined for a dirty dancefloor near you.


Joel Flyger’s vocal sounds like a polished Hollywood idol, burning with teenage desire and dripping with languishing detail. It’s perfectly complimented by the filleted, distorted guitar and funk rhythm that bounces and pounds at the brain signalling that the floor is where your feet belong.

Country Kills is the first release from forthcoming album Fortuna which if this track is anything to go by, may achieve the success that Antipodes warranted. Channeling the ethereal sound of the latter through a pop punk tube and out the other end with a antipathetic flourish, filled with arthouse sounds but directed at the grand populous. Perhaps the new album will open the fortunes of the world to these globe trotters.


Jack Whatley