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Public Access T.V - Monaco

There has been one of those mystical hums of collective connoisseurial conscious surrounding New York’s notorious Lower East Side of late, and it all surrounds one band who until recently were just a mystical shadow of art-pop rock and roll. That shadow has now been thrust into the light, and with this accreditation Far Out Magazine will heap yet more pressure on to the tight lipped media darlings and make Public Access T.V, with their release Monaco, our Track of the Day.

With little to no information about the band the music is the main point of focus, something clearly ascertained as an ethos of the band, as they shy away from media attention and, of course, with doing so create a media circus. Having released tracks without titles or even a band name, PATV managed to change the normal format of how to make it big in the big city.

Having turned down support slots for some pretty much every other hyped band from NYC’s plethora of artists, all of whom were fighting to have them, they now find themselves headlining their own show on January 30 and seem hell bent on doing things their own way.

Monaco has a distinctly arthouse style, offering the grit of Rock and Roll with the frivolity of an ironic Spring Break belter. Filled with The Virgins wit, Parquet Courts smirk and the seedy undertone that permeates New York, Monaco is a teenage wet dream.

There is a definitive feeling of New York on this track, it has all the flash of the bright lights of pop with all the sex-filled, facade dripping grime of a popstar. Built on jangling guitars and a disco rhythm which inhibits the feet and colludes to fog the brain, Public Access T.V look sure to deliver what their name promises; a social education.

Jack Whatley