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YOWL make further gains on new single 'John The Collector'


We’ve been massive fans of Peckham quintet YOWL for a few years now. When they hit our doorstep with a thudding foot, an expectant knock and the delivery of the brilliant song ‘Saturday Drag’ we were instantly hooked. Now another song has found it’s way to our door we couldn’t be happier. Here’s ‘John the Collector’ – our Track of the Day.

YOWL are a spiky yet poetic tribute to ‘modern life’ and its lack of modernity and livelihood. Born in the urban-art world of Peckham, South London the band have been slowly growing in confidence. Musically the 5-piece sit somewhere between punk, indie and new-wave – rightly being likened to a grittier Parquet Courts. Their EP was a beautifully bleak belter. 

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New track ‘John The Collector’ is another tendril extending from this growing organism. An organism which breeds on creativity eats mundanity and looks destined to conquer all who come into contact with its darkly harmonious movements.

Of the new track, singer Gabriel Byrde says: “It’s a loose delve into the male psyche. It’s about a guy who tries to open up a little more and realises the only way he can do that is to murder his friends and stick their faces onto his walls so he has someone to talk to at all times.”

Take a listen to the brilliant new track from YOWL below.