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Yowl typify the weekend with ‘Saturday Drag’

Peckham based band Yowl are relative unkowns, but with their track ‘Saturday Drag’ perfectly encapsulating 90% of our weekends, perhaps they have just been lurking in the background waiting to hit us with a song that sounds like a combination of every decent and decadent part of our beautifully greasy capital.

The track has a poetic vein running deep throughout this track. It isn’t all flowers and romantic imagery though, more the rhythm of life in the city, the ding of bus bells and the rattle of 24/7 cornershops melt and solidify with a swaying motion in ‘Saturday Drag’.

The mendacity of life summed up by the five-piece with a raging chorus that crescendos with the energy of the line

“Went to the store and I couldn’t find a single thing, went to the counter and they wouldn’t give me anything, went to the doctors and said I to him “I’m scared again”, He asked me why, I said “it’s tough” and so he gave me that Valium. So then I took that Valium and now I need more Valium”.

We like this band. We like them a lot.


29/10 London, The Montague Arms
29/11 Brighton, Green Door Store