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YOWL return with new song ‘Warm (in the Soft White Fire of Modern Living)’


Having previously teased a new track earlier in the week we were waiting with baited breath for the next release from one of Britain’s best and brightest YOWL. The new track is a reminder of why we need them so badly.

“In an unmistakably vain attempt to win your approval once more… we are delighted to announce that our new single… ‘Warm (in the Soft White Fire of Modern Living)’… will be corrupting your ears from this Friday 20th April,” was the band’s earlier statement.

We can firmly say that new song ‘Warm (in the Soft White Fire of Modern Living)’ gets our full approval. It twists and turns along a path which includes story-telling indie, mis-genre’d post-punk and the kind of lyrics that read like poetry. It’s the kind of track which puts YOWL in their own category and it’s another reaosn to love them.

The Peckham boys are back and we are in desperate need of them. Where’s our album, lads?