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You need to pay attention to YOWL

Before The Sleep Sets In - YOWL
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So when we first encountered Peckham quintet YOWL, with their track ‘Saturday Drag’, we got a little bit over excited. A little bit of piss escaped us, we’ll admit.

The reason being that ‘Saturday Drag’ was not only one of the better songs of the week, month or year, but it was just one of the better songs we’d heard. Full fucking stop.

The track makes up part of their recent EP release Before the Sleep Sets In, which can be streamed in full below, and with it we feel vindicated for our joy induced incontinence. While ‘Saturday Drag’ is the clear single and lead track, managing to encapsulate the drudgery of an average person in a city built on feeding from the energy of its inhabitants all with a brilliant tone, the rest of the EP stands up alongside it.

‘The Imminent Rush’ is a powerful and poignant opener, while ‘Teeth’ follows with a cascading look in to loneliness. The finisher comes from ‘Travelling Murder Circus’ and with it; a bouncing rhythm and country twang, all still with the macabre tone which YOWL are making their own.

It would be all too easy to compare the band to Parquet Courts, however complimentary, YOWL look set on their own path. Able to turn a poetically endowed piece come alive through the tonal noise they push through your lugholes. Melting together a dark noise, a lyrical tongue and a menacing confidence in their artistic output would suggest YOWL are going to be screaming in your ear for a while to come.