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What you should've heard


It has been a long week, we all know that, you had a few jars last night, who could blame you? So to make Saturday morning’s hangover a little more bearable we bring you every thing you should’ve heard this week.

All the best tunes for your dicky tummy, a pill of the sweetest tracks we have heard this week – like a paracetamol of punk, pop and everything in between.

Black Honey – Corrine 

London’s Black Honey are providing this most refreshing of beverages with new track ‘Corrine’. According to the band’s singer Izzie, the song was written about a drunken fight with a friend who left before she could re-conciliate. Heartfelt and heavy is the order of the day.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard – Trapdoor

The second song to be taken from Australia’s King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard newest acoustic LP Paper Mache Dream Balloon (yes that is the best LP title for a while, we agree) is beautiful mix of wood pipes, double bass and the kickiest psyche you ever did hear. Ladies and gentlemen ‘Trapdoor’


Promartyr – I Forgive You 

As Casey’s vocal drawl takes us on a wandering through the underbelly of our minds while the angular guitars add another jaunt and make this a juxtaposition of joviality and incandescent derision.

It keeps the heavy mood whilst creating a still danceable (well, swaying) tune. It speaks of the band’s new direction that they can complete a pop-tinged tune still within their preferred medium of post-punk punchiness. Released via Hardly Art we are very much looking forward to the LP.

SMILE – Bopundless Plains To Share

SMILE are one of those bands that if I told you were 20 or 30 years old you would happily believe me. But they’re not. They’re from now – by way of Melbourne, Austrailia. The five-piece dream pop style smacks of 90’s vibes so strong it leaves us with a yearning for pills

TRAAMS – Costner 

The video for Costner was directed by Steve Glashier, who wanted “something simple and raw that captured their energy as a band and their live experience, the energy of the crowd, that swell and movement.”

The single is taken for their forthcoming LP, Modern Dancing, which is released on the same date. Recorded and produced by MJ of Hookworms at Suburban Home Studios in Leeds, where the band located briefly, the album is the follow up to their 2013 debut Grin.