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Black Honey - Corrine


Do you need a dollop of 90’s tinged grunge spliced with the melodies of a gentler time? Want it wrapped up and served with the delivery of an OCD paperboy? And you want it right now? Open your gullet and down our Track of the Day then.

London’s Black Honey are providing this most refreshing of beverages with new track ‘Corrine’. According to the band’s singer Izzie, the song was written about a drunken fight with a friend who left before she could re-conciliate. Heartfelt and heavy is the order of the day.

It hits the same kind of notes as Wolf Alice with a little less of the hype and a lot more grunt and power.

The detail of the backstory may add gravitas to the track but mainly it serves as a small embellishment on what is essentially a lovingly crafted biker boot.

Retro, cool and casual but essentially built to withstand a battering and give one back where needed.

‘Corrine’ does all of that and more.