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SMILE - 'Boundless Plains to Share'

SMILE are one of those bands that if I told you were 20 or 30 years old you would happily believe me. But they’re not. They’re from now – by way of Melbourne, Austrailia. The five-piece dream pop style smacks of 90’s vibes so strong it leaves us with a yearning for pills… and to make ‘Boundless Plains to Share’ our Track of the Day.

With a deep political undertone SMILE make use of the Australian national anthem with their title ‘Boundless Plains to Share’ in a bid to highlight their home country’s deeply depressing reaction to the Syrian refugee crisis (if you want to know what it was, you’d wouldn’t go far wrong in interpreting Essex’s view or that of a drunken Farage).

But beyond the politics the track is so deeply encrusted with 90’s rhythm and layered vocals that it feels not only like the summer of love but just plain summer, love. Drenched in pop and full of dreamy sub-culture it sounds like a band who may have just found their audience.

Plug in and get down on this tune before your melon twists right off.