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(Credit: Wet Leg / Press)


Wet Leg named Independent Venue Week ambassadors for 2022


Isle of Wight indie duo Wet Leg have been announced as ambassadors for 2022 Independent Venue Week.

The seven-day celebration of the UK’s independent venues will run from January 31st up until February 6th next year. 

Last year we spoke to The Sherlocks who told us just how vital the cause is. “The tour we’re going on is pretty much the tour we used to regularly do a few years back,” they told us. “We had some cracking gigs in those venues, and we built our fanbase in those venues, so to go back in now and play them will be surreal.”

Adding: “Nothing compares to a live gig. You can’t beat a proper gig with fans in.” In the post-pandemic age as beleaguered local venues look to recover, this message is more important than ever.

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And it is one that Wet Leg are more than happy to shoulder. “We grew up in a place where we had no music venues at all and after living in Bristol and London, it’s been incredible to experience what it’s like to be a part of a scene; to feel that sense of community that you can pin point geographically to a place, to a venue, I think is quite important and quite special particularly for emerging bands and artists,” Wet Leg said.

Adding: “It’s a bit of a delicate ecosystem – Music makers and lovers are supported by the venues and in turn the venues are supported by bands/artists and their fans passing through. The way I see it is this – No Independent venues = No music scene. No community. And to me, I feel that that’s something worth continuing to preserve and nurture.”

Before concluding: “That’s why we’re super stoked and very, very proud to be ambassadors for this year’s Independent Venue Week.”

The ambassadors for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are yet to be announced. You can find out more about the event by clicking here.