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(Credit: Wax Works)


Wax Works releases new track 'Break Up Song'

Wax Works - 'Break Up Song'

Leeds indie pop up-and-comer Adam Levey, better known under the moniker Wax Works, has released a brand new single, ‘Break Up Song’.

As the artist’s second single of 2022 and only their fifth song released, Wax Works plugs into that potent mix of electronica, indie rock, and pop to create a wavvy, airy take on the disintegration of a relationship and ignoring the negatives that come with it.

“This song came after I heard many songs focusing on the negatives of relationships. It inspired me to think that without potholes and bumps to work through, positives wouldn’t come either. The idea began with the post-chorus guitar riff – I knew after I had that down where the song was going instrumentally, and the rest followed naturally.”

As of writing this article, Wax Works currently fits into the Wet Leg camp of only having five songs available for public consumption. While we might not be salivating over every new release in quite the same way we have been over Wet Leg, Wax Works is at a similarly fascinating point in his artistic career where everything could seem like a make-or-break moment.

‘Will You Remember Me’ remains one of 2021’s most underrated tracks, but each of the follow-ups, including the songs ‘Why You So Sad?’ and ‘Know No Better’, failed to show a different side of the musician. It’s a difficult line to tread, especially when you’re this new: you need to establish a sound that makes you stand out from the millions of other musicians, but you also don’t want to get trapped in an echo chamber where you’re too reliant on one sound.

‘Break Up Song’ is catchy enough to boost Wax Works out of the limbo that has been hanging over him with the last two singles, and with any luck, this will be the step into the future that Wax Works needs to elevate beyond the sadboi indie pop sound. Clearly, this is a talented artist with a unique sonic structure, he just needs to find the right songs to bring those factors to life. ‘Break Up Song’ might not be that track, but it’s certainly positioning Wax Works as moving in the right direction forward.

Check out the audio for ‘Break Up Song’ down below.