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(Credit: Wax Works)


Wax Works shares new track 'will you remember me?'


Leeds-based indie-funk newcomer Wax Works has just dropped a new single, ‘will you remember me?’.

Any good disco disciple knows the ingredients for a dance floor jam: chicken scratch guitar, itchy hi-hat shuffles, bouncy bass runs, a little vocoder to really get the chorus popping. Wax Works finds room for all of that in their new track, letting the verses breathe with a spacey minimalist groove before hustling into an ear worm-filled chorus.

‘Will you remember me?’ technically acts as Wax Works debut solo release, coming on the heels of his collaboration with fellow Leeds deciple Mollie called ‘sleeping in the dark.’

Also, in case you’re confused about it, Wax Works is not the Chicago-based band WaxWorks, who also specialises in funky indie rock. I guess there was a name shortage for pasty white guys who listen to a lot of Marvin Gaye.

All that being said, ‘will you remember me?’ is a certified jam, and it is almost guaranteed to get stuck in your head for the rest of the day. A little bit of melancholy creeps into the lyrics: “I’ve been struggling on and on, kinda get the feeling that you led me on.” The title phrase comes as a sort of disheartened plea, looking for some kind of lasting impact in someone else’s life who may or may not even think about you. There’s a proud tradition of upbeat songs with depressing lyrics in pop music, and Wax Works rides that wave to stake his own claim in those hallowed halls.

Wax Works hasn’t made any announcement regarding a full length release, so for now, we’ll have to be content with the slow trickle of new music. But if the tracks keep sounding as hooky as ‘will you remember me?’ Wax Works could be on the rise in the indie-pop scene.

Check out ‘will you remember me?’ below.