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(Credit: Wax Works)


Wax Work shares new track 'Know No Better'


All the way back when I first started writing for Far Out, back in the early spring of 2021, one of the first songs I ever covered at the New Music desk was from a brand new artist by the name of Wax Works. It was electronic, bedroom pop, and indie all at the same time. I thought I was going to hate it.

In somewhat unlikely fashion, ‘Will You Remember Me?’ wound up becoming one of my favourite songs that I’ve ever covered. It became a stalwart addition to my ‘Liked Songs’ playlist on Spotify and was frequently played in car trips with my friends. It’s groovy and indelibly catchy, and I still go back to it. It might just be my favourite song of 2021, strangely enough.

It took a while, but Wax Works are back with their second single, ‘Know No Better’. “‘Know No Better’ follows a story of a young couple experiencing a stalemate where both know it’s no longer working, but are afraid of life apart,” Wax Works himself, Adam Levey, explains in a press release. “The verse riff was the starting point, which certainly pays homage to early Arctic Monkeys records. I guess in summary it’s a track about fear of change and becoming settled within yourself, sometimes for the worst.”

The results are just as disco-adjacent as ‘Will You Remember Me?’. I’ll be completely honest – I don’t hear any Arctic Monkeys reference or influence in the track. My mind travels to the dance floor sounds of Chic or the modern indie-pop of The 1975, which are perfectly fine reference points on their own. But rough and ready Strokes-aping early Monkeys? Nah.

That doesn’t matter, because the song is cool as hell. When the second chorus drops out to a lo-fi sound and crashes back in at full force, it never feels cliched. It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, namely, smack you with maximum danceable impact. Wax Works might not have a lot to their official discography, but there’s not a bad song in the mix yet. C’mon, Adam, it’s time for a full-length release — or at the very least an EP. Give the people what they want already.

Check out the audio for ‘Know No Better’ down below.