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(Credit: Warner Bros)


Watch the new deleted ‘The Batman’ scene featuring the Joker


Almost a month after the release of the DC superhero movie The Batman, director Matt Reeves has released a deleted scene from the movie featuring Barry Keoghan in a truly frightening performance of the Joker.

Released to the public after eager fans had to solve three riddles to watch the clip, the scene itself sees Robert Pattinson’s Batman talk to the Joker behind a protective screen at Arkham Asylum. Trying to find out the true identity of the Riddler, played by Paul Dano in the film, the two play out a tense, eerie conversation in which the two characters try to break each others’ guard. 

Speaking about the previously unseen deleted scene, Reeves spoke extensively to IGN, stating,  “it’s a scene where Batman is so unnerved because the Riddler is writing to him.And he’s like, ‘Well, why is this guy writing to me?’ And he figures he’s got to profile this killer”. 

Continuing he adds, “He goes to see another killer that he’s clearly had an experience with in these first two years. And this killer in this story is not yet the character that we come to know, right? So everybody’s in their infancy”. 

Describing the character as “a Joker who’s not yet the Joker,” Reeves will surely build on the character in a future sequel to the film, with Nicolas Cage having already shown interest in playing the villain, pitching himself in an interview at SXSW festival. 

As well as Pattinson, Dano and Keoghan, the stellar cast also includes the likes of Zoë Kravitz, Colin Farrell, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro and Andy Serkis.