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Credit: Elen Nivrae


Paul Dano is set to write 'Riddler: Year One' comic for DC

Paul Dano immersed himself in the realm of The Riddler, both as an artist and a writer. He has been asked to write a comic for DC entitled Riddler: Year One. The comic will be notable for hosting an actor writing the actions of his titular character, although this isn’t Dano’s first writing credit, having co-written the 2018 effort Wildlife with his wife Zoe Kazan.

Dano is also set to portray Steven Spielberg‘s father in The Fabelmans in the coming months. The actor will serve as the writer, although the artist has not been revealed as of the time of print. It’s also hard to know whether or not this will serve as a one-off, or if the story will form part of the general arc that makes up DC’s canonical universe.

The Batman, which featured Dano as the lead villain, made a concerted effort to place Robert Pattinson’s Batman in a world that was wholly different to the one inhabited by the Justice League. Director Matt Reeves has explained that he cannot imagine Superman in the world next to the grittier, more realistic Batman. Reeves is currently working on a sequel to The Batman, but it is yet to be seen if Dano will reprise his role.

Dano was inspired by Nirvana when it came to his interpretation of the character. “Power, because you don’t want the person wearing that mask walking toward you,” Dano said. “And for somebody [like the Riddler] who felt powerless in their life, that’s a big feeling to be given.”

The character was previously portrayed by Jim Carrey in the 1995 effort Batman Forever. The Riddler has popped up in several Batman comics over the years. He is also known for his alter ego, Edward Nigma, who presents himself to the world at large, while The Riddler hides in the shadows.

In other Batman-related news, Pattinson revealed that director Christopher Nolan was one of the first to hear about his casting. Pattinson arrived onto the set of the film he was shooting, only for the director to congratulate him. Pattinson was surprised because he had told no one.