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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Watch seven-year-old Caleb Hayes tear through Slipknot's 'Sulfur'

Internet drumming sensation, Caleb Hayes, has just set the world on fire. The seven-year-old appeared on a recent episode of The Ellen Show to perform a shortened version of Slipknot’s 2008 classic ‘Sulfur’. After storming through the song with ease, Hayes sat down for a discussion with Ellen. 

To Hayes’ delight, at the end of the interview, Ellen gifted him a signature snare from Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg, which the young drummer said he’d been saving up for. 

Hayes told Ellen that he’d been drumming since he was just two, following his father, and labelled Slipknot as his favourite band. After the show, Weinberg also took to social media to praise the young prodigy.

“Once again, you’ve made all your big brothers in Slipknot proud! What a way to own the moment, and deliver a fantastic performance. So stoked to see you rip it up on [The Ellen Show], and that you’re heading home with a new snare. Play it hard and often, my friend – I know you will!,” Weinberg said on Instagram.

Hayes first caught the eye in early 2020, when a video went viral of him air-drumming at a Slipknot show. A matter of days later, Weinberg brought Hayes onstage and took a picture with him and the crowd.

Hayes’ performance on Ellen was genuinely mindblowing, and the future looks incredibly bright for the young virtuoso. The way he crosses the drum kit with ease, as well as using the double kick with precision, is a real sight to behold. 

In other news, Slipknot have postponed their summer shows in Kyiv, Moscow and Minsk due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

“We take this step in support of our community and in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, for whom the struggle continues, in a new and more terrible form,” the band explained on their social media.

“We also acknowledge that our Russian and Belarusian fans are overwhelmingly untied with the Ukrainians in their fight for peace. The safety and well-being of our global families is, and always will be, our top priority,” they appended.