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Credit: PRESS


Watch Josh Homme rollerskating in the new Desert Sessions video for 'Easier Said Than Done'


Josh Homme has shared the brand new video for the latest effort from his Desert Sessions’ Vol. 11/12, the weird and wonderful clip for ‘Easier Said Than Done’.

The clip was directed by Chapman Baehler and is an unsettling watch the begins with Nazis taking selfies, a scene which Homme then urinates on and it doesn’t really get much clearer from there.

Josh Homme rollerskates around a changing black room. He elegantly glides around different unnerving situations including popping balloons, setting people on fire and a little bit of light bondage.

The Desert Sessions sees the Queens of the Stone Age man, Homme in his creative pocket. But the project also allows him to help the grassroots music scene too, with the group’s Bizarre Bazaar fundraising efforts.

Fortnightly, various Desert Sessions-inspired artwork is being put up for auction in order to raise funds for The Sweet Stuff Foundation. It’s a charity that focuses on helping musicians, recording engineers and their families who struggle with illness and disability

Watch the new video for ‘Easier Said Than Done’ below: